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An Online Marketing Campaign consists of sponsored listings in industry and location specific websites and directories.  If your site is listed in some choice highly trafficked directories that deal with what you have to offer and where you offer it, your site could easily double, triple and more in qualified traffic. Knowing which ones you should advertise in and where it should be located is what we take care of for you.  Your advertising dollars could be so much more effective than in pay for click sponsored listings in the search engines.  Ask yourself this, when was the last time you clicked on a major search engines sponsored listings and that should answer your question right there as to the importance of their advertising.  But, you do click into large directories when those are your choices, and that is where your customers are going also.  My fees are 1 months budget to do the research and then I charge 20% of your budget each month to manage your campaign.

  • Your monthly budget per month would be used for online advertising with industry specific related directories and websites with high page rank and exposure sites, on a flat fee not a cost per click basis whenever possible. 

  • The 20% fee for our services in managing the monthly campaign and the one months budget fee is to research the best directories and the ones that fall within your budget for the best exposure for your business and placing contracts on the clients behalf and creative

Online marketing is a highly competitive field, each business dealing with a particular service or product all want to be on the first page of the search engines. You need to remember that unlike offline advertising through magazines, newspapers, etc, where your advertisement will only be visible for the duration of the paid for listing, with your online placement, your site will remain at the forefront on a constant basis, no matter who, where or when someone is looking for your business, you are there.

Search engine sponsored listings and website advertising: We choose to find directory sponsored listings using a text ad at the top of a listing on in their sponsored spaces,  instead of the below whenever possible.

PPC or Pay Per Click  This can turn into a very expensive way to attract customers and you will be paying for it every month, continually.  When someone outbids you on the ppc, your site will show up less and less in the rotation, and you will have to increase your bid to keep up with them.  Also you need to ask yourself when was the last time you actually clicked on a sponsored listing?  Then the next question is, did you purchase from them?  How many of the sponsored listings did you look at before you purchased?  What you are actually doing, is paying a potential customer or anyone really, to walk into your door, they can turn around and walk back out just as quickly, but you still paid for it.

PPI or Pay Per Impression   This is a program in which you pay every time your website loads up on a page, or in many cases, a pop up ad is used.  You don't even have a say in whether or not they chose to even visit your site.  Every time they hit refresh, you are charged.  I had one customer who went through $3,000.00 in 24 hours on Excite.  And the pop ups, people hate them, they download software to stop them, so why would you pay to be part of that program?  

Banner Ads  One thought, when was the last time you clicked on a banner ad?

Pop Up Ads  How many times have you clicked on a pop up, do you have a pop up blocker?  Most everyone does, therefore, why would a potential client click on yours?

Email Marketing   Via Opt In or Direct:  Another thought, spam folders catch these or individuals delete them without even opening them.  Do you open these emails yourself?


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