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  Guide To Eating Ontario Sport Fish - http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/envision/guide/
From the Ministry of the Environment, a publication containing data about the presence or absence of contaminents in fish stock from sources throughout the province. Available in .pdf formats, in whole or in part.
  FISH Ontario - http://www.fishontario.com/
A comprehensive Internet fishing resource. Includes links to lodging, fly-in tours, periodicals, fishing classifieds and fishing organizations.
  Bob Izumi's Real Fishing - http://WWW.REALFISHING.COM/
Catch spotlight, Izumi fishing tales, articles and discussions board.
  Guide to Fishing Ontario - http://www.fishingontario.com/
Travel guide to Ontario fishing lodges including information on licensing and regulations.
  FishFinder - http://www.fishfinder.on.ca/
A guide for residents and visitors to fishing in Ontario, featuring destinations, maps, links to fishing regulations and tips.
  Credit River Anglers Association (CRAA) - http://www.craa.on.ca/
A group of concerned anglers and conservationists that are committed to improving the fishery that exists in the Credit River.
  Tightline's Ontario Fishing - http://www.thefishinguide.com/tightlines/
Guide to fishing in Ontario. Features lake and river hotspots, fishing reports and links to accommodations, guides and charter services.
  Niagara Fishing Adventures - http://www.niagarafishingadventures.com/
Offers year-round tours. Photos and reservation details are presented.
  Trout Unlimited Canada - Ontario Chapter - http://www.tucanada.org/ontario/
Information regarding the provincial chapter of T.U.
  Fish in Ontario - http://www.fishinontario.com/
Northern pike to walleye, smallmouth bass and speckled trout.
  Mitchell's Bay Links - http://www.mitchellsbay.com/
A listing of businesses and recreational resources around Mitchell's Bay.
  Muskie Ontario - http://www.muskieontario.com/
A comprehensive resource for the Muskie enthusiast.
  Ontario Walleye Fishing Resource Center - http://www.ontariowalleyefishing.com/
Information on Ontario walleye fishing, techniques, biology, and regulations.
  Ontario Bass Fishing - http://www.ontariobassfishing.net/
Largemouth and smallmouth bass biology, fishing tips and tricks and fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada.
  The Ontario OutPost - http://www.igs.net/~mjw/outpost/outpost.htm
Interactive, tour of thousands of Ontario fishing locations.
  Ontario Parks and Travel Services - http://www.ontario-parks.info
Directory of Ontario parks, outfitters, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and travel services.
  Bob's Gone Fishin' - http://www3.sympatico.ca/rlundy/
Information on fly fishing and fly tying, especially for Southern Ontario.
  Fish in Ontario Guide - http://www.fishinontario.ca
Online magazine articles and opinions about sport fishing in Ontario, with tips and tactics, as well as information about lodges and resorts.
  Just Fish Ontario - http://www.justfishontario.com/
Comprehensive links to fishing resources including fishing forums, camp opening information, equipment and other checklists, links to guides and contests. Among other resources, also gives links to numerous lodges and camps.
  Mississauga Bassmasters - http://mississaugabassmasters.com
Bass fishing club, tournaments, conservation, stories and youth programs.
  Fish on Huron - http://www.fishonhuron.tzo.com/
Discussion forums about fishing on Lake Huron.
  ShoreBound Angler - http://www.geocities.com/spidermanny_2000
Devoted to shorefishing, matchfishing and pier fishing in the Southern Ontario area.
  Ontario Fishing Club of the Deaf - http://www3.sympatico.ca/rdemeo/OFCD/
Schedule of past tourneys and that of 2001 upcoming tournaments.
  Rocky Crawford Outdoors - http://www.rockycrawfordoutdoors.com
An informative site that educates and entertains anglers of all levels with product reviews and tips.
  Links North - http://www.linksnorth.com/
Complete directory of Ontario fishing camps and hunting lodges for your next vacation
  Ontario Outfitters - http://outfittersontario.com/
Listing of northern Ontario outfitters and fishing lodges.
  Ontario Outdoor Network - http://www.ontariooutdoors.net
Search engine for Northern Ontario fishing and hunting lodges.
  Ontario Fishing Lodges - http://www.travel2canada.com/fishont.htm
A concise descriptive listing of various lodges in Ontario. Gives detailed information about each lodge and fishing opportunities at each.
  Sportsman's Resource - Ontario - http://www.sportsmansresource.com/flodgesxxontario.htm
Directory of Ontario fishing lodges.
  Resort Country Fishing Lodge Guide - http://www.resortcountry.com/fishing/
A guide to Northern Ontario fishing lodges, resorts, and remote outposts.
  Jus4fun Ontario Guide - http://www.jus4fun.on.ca/pages-1/fishing.html
Directory of fishing camps and outfitters, fly-in, drive-in and charters.
  Ontario North - http://www.ontarionorth.net
A directory of hunting and fishing resorts and outfitters located in Northern Ontario.
  Ontario Fishing Resorts - http://www.ontariofishingresorts.ca/
Accommodation resource including species information, attractions and links.

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