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Since you are here, that means you must be looking for a way or for someone who knows how to make your website show up in the face of those customers looking for your business.  Most likely, you are frustrated with your competition's ability to be able to pull up on the internet and wonder why your site isn't.  I know this because all of my clients were in the same spot you are now, but no longer, most are enjoying record breaking years, year after year.  Below, you will find the names and contact information on just a few of my clients, now that is something you probably have not seen on other sites such as mine.  Because I am proud to boast my clients success, and I welcome you to talk with them as well.

Search engines don't care how fancy your site looks, how professional your presentation is, only that you have what it takes to make first page ranks for relevancy to your business and that your site can be read properly to make that happen.  It is that simple, that basic.  That is what we do for you.

When you consider other forms of advertising, in magazines, at a trade show, radio or television ads for instance, your business is only in front of people for a predetermined amount of time, and it is by chance in most cases that you reach all the people that are looking for what you have to offer.  However, with a search engine, you should come up when someone is looking for what you have to offer and where they are looking for it 24/7, but if you aren't on the first page, or the second at the most, you will not be found, and therefore, you lost another potential client that if you would only have had the opportunity to speak with them or to show them what you offered, you would at least be considered.  I want to offer you a tool that shows to you what people are looking for, and what you are missing out on here   it is a part of overture, that allows you to purchase these phrases, we can help you to arrive on the first 2 pages for those terms each time, without paying for it on a per click basis.  After you have seen what you are missing out on, call us and we can begin.

How We Make Your Website Work For You!

We work with many types of businesses, for information on other than fishing business, please contact us, information at the bottom of this page.

Optimization of your home page:
Site analysis, including general site suggestions (how a search engine navigates through your site etc.). Making sure that the search engines read your site properly and human edited directories is crucial in your site pulling up in the natural listing. Sometimes it is necessary to create a landing page if the site is too complicated to be read correctly by the spiders.

Link Building:
Your site will be submitted to relevant and industry specific links. Includes submissions to databases, directories and websites that correlate to your specific industry. These links are important, as search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, will look at your site as more relevant in your specific industry, because of the related links. Our specialty is one way links, which are much more important than reciprocal links (two way links), because search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN see one way links as more relevant than reciprocal links.

Development of Meta Tags:
Metas are created through research and analysis including keyword popularity, keyword marketing relevance and the competition for your websites specific keywords, titles and descriptions. 


Manual Submissions:
All search engine and link submissions are done manually. Includes submission of your website in all the major search engines. NEVER use automated software, since many search engines do not appreciate them and may penalize your site ranking because of it. This is essential for proper website promoting.


Packages Offered and Prices Associated With Them


If you cannot afford the full amount up front, we have other options available for you.


Standard Package: Localized Target Submission $2500.00: Website marketing is targeted on a more "localized" basis but can still be found by anyone, anywhere when they are looking for your type of business in your location. Web site promotion includes manual submissions to around 70 search engines and around 30 websites, the amount of websites  correlating to your industry and search engines can vary. Around 100+ submissions in total.


National  Package: Nationalized Target Submission $3500.00: Website marketing is targeted on a more "National" basis, including some websites correlating to your industry.  Manual submissions to around 100 search engines and 100 websites depending on the nature of the business, the amount of websites and search engines can vary. Around 200+ submissions in total.


National Plus Package: Nationalized Target Submission $4500.00: The difference between this and the one above is the type of website this would apply to.  For instance, an automotive site would need to be in this because the competition is so fierce and there are so many sites I can submit this to in order to "command" the search query they would desire in their industry.  This promotion concentrates more on about 200 industry specific manual website submissions and around 100 search engines totaling around 300+ submissions.


International Package: International Target Submission $5500.00: Website marketing is targeted on an "International" basis, including websites correlating to your industry. This submission depends on the site and should not be committed to until we have discussed it. Manual submissions to around 200 search engines and 200 websites, depending on the nature of the business, the amount of websites and search engines can vary. Around 400+ submissions in total.

Managed Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Option 1:  On other than the Standard Localized Package, you may pay a down payment amount, which is 1/2 of the package price, and pay the balance out over time up to 6 months, this amount is determined by the balance divided by 6 months, plus 1 months interest amount.  This option may prove to be more expensive in the long run, but will allow you the same benefits as our other package, and will give you more flexibility with your budget payment structure.  The submissions will be preformed as the payments come in with the last part of the submission taking place after the final payment has been made.


Option 2:  Pay 1/2 down and 1/2 in 1 month, no interest applies.


Optional Services: 
Additional pages of meta tag creation, specific to that page's information
Annual consulting services only


Additional Option 3: Offsite Consulting only: Choose the annual renewal program that will allow you to receive a full year of consulting by me for any internet marketing purposes as well as a set of updated meta tags if necessary if there should be any new styles that I have developed or if the search engines are looking at sites in a way that your site would benefit a fresh optimization. This fee would be $1000.00 and would cover your business for 1 full year from the date of the initial submission.


Client References    These are from a variety of customers, to show you our abilities in virtually any industry  More Available Upon Request

Some of the sites submitted and their results: Blackfish Lodge out of British Columbia , their site was submitted in 2002, and Big Sand Lake Lodge out of Northern Manitoba and Knee Lake Resort in Central Manitoba , Griffin Fishing Charters submitted in 2002,  Goldon Fishing Expeditions - IGFA Associated, Lance Glaser , Internet Sport Show Outdoor Directory  and PermaTrophy ssociated with Hawkins Taxidermy  a 92 year old business well established in the industry, Affordable Taxidermy for several types of fish taxidermy, fiberglass replicas and Fishing With The Dodger TV Show and Rock Dodger Outfitters site out of Alberta, to name a few.

Client Testimonials

"I couldn't believe how fast the submission started to take effect!  We were only receiving maybe 1 order per week, but then the orders started to come in 3-5 per day and one day there was 8, all within the first week of the promotion!

Michael A.   The Border Store


"I shopped around a whole year before I decided to sign with you, and within 2 weeks time of the submission, my phone has not stopped ringing! "

Jack D.     Equipment Police


"I have to tell you.... my web site has been getting more and more business everyday and the phone calls !!!!!!! I used to just check e-mails in the a.m. - if I do not check them at least 3 times a day - I will be on the computer forever in the morning !! With that nationwide marketing push you all did for me... WOW -  but writing the check to you for something that seemed VERY intangible to me - like the Nationwide deal - was tough. But it was the best thing I ever did to promote by business - putting Ashland Kennels in your hands !!!

I used to spend hours on the computer asking folks if I could link to them - NOW they are asking me!! Oh My - what a feeling !!!! My business means the world to me !!

       and again 8 months later:

My phone is ringing off the hook because of YOU - I have to check e-mails at least 3 times a day !!!!!!!!!!  I am curious about the report showing the activity, etc... can you see the increase too ??  - thanks again !!

Ashley   Ashland Kennels


Contact us at:

605-274-1565 USA CST

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