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Get in on the ground floor with our new directory listings!  Advertising with FishingTheUSA will prove to be one of the smartest moves you make regarding the sponsored ads you place to your site.  FishingTheUSA targets the United States and Canada and is a frequently visited fishing directory on the net today.  Your website will be in the forefront of those individuals looking for your charter boat, lodges, products or services 24/7 

When you advertise at trade shows, you are at the mercy of many factors.  The time and money you spend in travel, trade show costs and accommodations alone are extensive, and all you are trying to do is to get in front of the person who is looking for exactly what you have to offer in the place they are looking to go.  Plus, you are only able to target people in the area that the show is in.  By Advertising in a magazine, you are in the same basic situation.  Hoping that your ad appears to the potential customer in a way that they are looking for your business.  On the internet, it is a level playing field, and only a few can take up the space on the first page of search engines, therefore, you need a professional business to make that happen for you!

Now, image having the ability to be in the right place at the right time every minute of every day, that is what your website can do for you.  With FishingTheUSA, we supply the type of industry related traffic you can only imagine having to your site.  Not only are we a very well laid out directory, we are also the answer to your total website needs to be a success! Now all you need to do is say, "YES!"

The choice is simple, let FishingTheUSA help you find the your customers for you, by using one of the most successful advertising teams around, you are sure to find customers coming to you instead of you having to spend major $$$'s to get in front of customers!

We offer many choices for you to advertise your business with FishingTheUSA.   All prices are USD on a flat monthly fee with reoccurring payment schedule until you notify us to close your ad campaign.  After you have chosen which advertising package(s), you will be sent to a payment details page, upon successfully inputting your payment details, you will be sent to a form to fill out your information to your site.  If you choose a banner ad, please forward to us the banner as a gif in the appropriate size.

We will be choosing the most appropriate category placement for your advertisement.  You only need  to choose the location and/or type of advertisement, banner or text link you want.


We offer 4 styles of advertising to choose from, all on a per month fee basis, which will be automatically charged to you through PayPal to the  type of payment (Visa, MC, Bank Account, PayPal Account, etc.) you signed up with, you will not need to worry about missing your billing deadline.


Skyscraper Advertisement  

Right Hand Side Rotation Banner Size 160 x 600 Pixels

run of site


$300.00 Per Month


Premium Advertisements

Left Hand Side Rotation Banner Size 100 x 50 Pixels

run of site



$200.00 Per Month


Sponsorship Advertisement

Top Of Page Rotation Banner  Size 468 x 60 Pixels

run of site or top 2 Featured Advertiser Localized Listings


$100.00 Per Month

Localized Text Listings

Targeted Local Category Text Base Top 3 Listing Spots



$50.00 Per Month



Free Listings will be located in larger categories, as an example, if you have a fishing charter in California, your free listing will appear grouped in the Fishing Charters and Guides category.  To add your free listing, choose the state your service is in from our home page on the left hand side


To contact us about other advertising programs not listed above or below, email us at
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