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Name: Riverside Motel & RV Park
E-Mail: crappiefishinusa_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State: Cedar Bluff, Al
Home Page:
Date: Mon Jan 21 14:44:36 2002
Location of fishing trip: upper Weiss Lake
Date of fishing trip: 01/21/02
Weather: Partly Sunny
Temperature: 56
Barometer: 31
Wind direction: N
Wind speed: 7
Water temp: 46
Water clarity: Stained
Hello Everyone, did not do really well at crappiefishin today so we changed to catfishin caught about 127 pounds total weight, the largest being 38 pounds and the smallest about 1 pound but we threw back all under 25 pounds, they are hitting cut bait on the bottom of the river channel. Hope this helps.

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