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Check out what's happening at your favorite fishing hole. Please feel free to submit a fishing report. Let us know what they're biting and what they're not.

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Date: Mon Mar 27 20:56:37 2006
Location of fishing trip:
Date of fishing trip:
Wind direction:
Wind speed:
Water temp:
Water clarity:

Name: Big fish
City/State: Minnesota , Remer
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Date: Thu Jan 17 02:58:55 2002
Location of fishing trip: Winni
Date of fishing trip: 1/16/2002
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Temperature: 30
Wind direction: NE
Wind speed: 15
Water temp:
Water clarity: Clear
I was just going to go out for fun and I found some real exitement to my amazment I found Walleye's in great abundance just off to the right of the "GAP" in about 10 to 15 feet of water just off the drop off the sand bar on the edge off bowens flat. There was also a Very large abundance of perch in the same area but mostly in shallower but the bigger perch were in deeper water and by the way the fish were bitting best from about 10AM to 2PM. After that time the fish almost stoped biting but by that time I had my limit of Walleye and Perch and dicided to go home AND EAT THEM !!!!

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