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Name: Joel DeBoer
E-Mail: muskyman_DoT_joel_AT_verizon_DoT_net
City/State: Schofield, WI 54476
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Date: Sat Apr 8 13:13:03 2006
Location of fishing trip: WI River
Date of fishing trip: April
Weather: Sunny
Wind direction: N
Wind speed:
Water temp: 42
Water clarity: Stained
Walleye fishing has been excellent as of late, and action should only increase as the spawn draws nearer. Jig and minnow or jig and grub combinations have been the best producers as of late, with orange or chartreuse being the top colors. Look for the deeper holes to continue to hold some fish while the shallower rocky areas below the dams and further down river are really starting to produce. Northern pike are accessible in areas with remaining weed cover. Suspending crankbaits and spoons fished slowly are working well, as is live bait suspended below a float. Panfish are still readily biting as well, with some good catches of crappies and some jumbo perch already starting to show up.
Name: Wild Country Fishing Guide Service
E-Mail: fish4fun_AT_dwave_DoT_net
City/State: Antigo/Wisconsin
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Date: Mon May 21 09:51:50 2001
Location of fishing trip: Birch Lake, Forest County
Date of fishing trip: 05/18/01
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 70's
Wind direction: E
Wind speed: 5
Water temp: 56
Water clarity: Clear
Our trip started at 6:00 am on sat. morning. As we pulled into a bay on the NW side of the lake, we could see fish swirling on the surface. My partner started throwing a floating crankbait as I just stop to look at the surroundings. What a beautiful day I thought. I started the day off using a spinnerbait dark in color. While I was getting taps, nothing made it's way into the boat. So I put on a trailor hook and began to catch fish.For some reason they did'nt want the floating crankbait. The fish that we were catching were Smallies. As the day progressed, we came to realize that this was an awesome Smallies lake. In the afternoon we switch over to Craw colored Tubes. The fish were just slapping em on the fall. It was a great day on Birch lake that day. Something that we found to be funny, was that every bay we went into, every cornor we went around. We never once saw any panfish. Not a one. We thought that to be odd. Well anyway Have a great day, the next time you go out on the water.

Last revised: February 03, 2001.